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The Motorola Droid 4 just works.

I loved the Iphone series, but like all things, you grow up, and move on. The HTC Thunderbolt was the next foray into smartphone user-ship, and Marveled at the the increased freedom . I’ve enjoyed all of these products, as well as their jailbroken and/or rooted counterparts.  As everyone knows by now, the Iphone invented the “it just works” test. And the best thing about that platform is ease of use. My mother has an Ipad for example, and she loves it. She can’t use a PC to save her life. But for her, the IOS platform, “just works”.    The

downside of this platform, in my opinion, is its uniformity. If there is something specific you need to have the Iphone do, it better fall in line with the boundaries of the existing platform, otherwise, the only option is to buy another phone. You want your todo list to show up on your home screen? Sorry, to bad.

The Thunderbolt was a unique change from this user’s perspective. It was my first foray into the Android series, and I was both pleased and disappointed. The level of augmentation the user is allowed to make on the Android platform was far different from the “model T” nature of IOS. The Thunderbolt was Verizon’s first 4g phone, and in 4g coverage the phone navigated through websites like a foreign sports car. The downside of course, much like a foreign sports car was the Thunderbolt’s infamous many issues. Random reboots, bad data connectivity, locking up, the list of issues I had to work through with Verizon’s troubleshooting staff was long. The Sense UI was a joy to use, and very attractive, perhaps my favorite of the Motorola, HTC, and IOS interfaces. But a robust user interface comes at a price of reduced performance, and once rooted the Thunderbolt, with a rooted/modded UI, was much faster.

Enter the Motorola Droid 4: 8 megapixel rear camera, Slide out keyboard laser cut with back lighting, 16 gigs of internal storage, two 1.2 gigahertz processors and an ample gig of ram. Though upon first glance, I preferred the sexiness of the Sense UI, I found the performance and reliability of the Droid 4 to be quite good. No random reboots, excellent data reception, adequate call quality, combined with a slim size for a phone with a keyboard, makes for an excellent high end business phone. The Droid 4 also features the security protection of a phone designed to be used in the office, and an HDMI port, and docking station compatibility. The phone can be recommended as an excellent choice, for any student or professional, that would like to have the use of a full keyboard with the convenience of a candy bar multitouch smart phone. The only downside this writer has encountered is mostly aesthetic, the Motorola UI isn’t really my preference, but that is easily changed with third party software available in the Market.