FB IPO…Oh the pain…. Reply

FB IPO…Oh the pain….

This is a great article from Gizmodo that explains the shenanigans That occurred on Friday during Facebook’s IPO event. And just to be clear, this author has already lost a bit of money on this stock! One of the largest IPO events in history, and one of the biggest IPO failures in history. Can the stock lose the black mark it has received on opening day anytime soon, or is it short city for this stock. Read the article to find out! 



FIPO Countdown! T Minus… Reply

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

The WSJ is reporting that FIPO will hit. What is FIPO you ask? Just the grandaddy of all IPO’s coming to a NYSE/NASDAQ near you! But seriously, there will be Multi Billionairres minted this week, and anyone who has been watching the drama of the Facebook IPO story knows that this is going to be one of the hottest IPO’s in Wall Street History. How hot? Anywhere in between 50 Billion to 100 Billion in market capitalization. What was once an idea in a college student’s head, will soon be one of the largest companies on earth. Now, normal human beings cannot get in on the Facebook IPO bandwagon, but there are companies being traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ right now that have stakes in Facebook. What are there symbols? GSVC, and MSFT, come to mind, but there are more…

How will these companies benefit from a successfull Facebook IPO? This humble tech writer can only speculate, but watch the WSJ and Bloomberg next week for all the DOPE on FIPO.

(Full Disclosure, this author owns a few shares of GSVC)