Welcome to Future4tech 1

Welcome to the birth of what we at Future4tech hope will be an exhilarating reading and thinking experience. At Future4tech we hope to provide the participant with articles about the future of the changing technological framework

 society finds itself in and ammunition to get the world thinking about its implications for all of us. We hope to actively review gadgets and technological items of various shapes and sizes. Be it headphones, smartphones, audio components, computers, netbooks, tablets, apple devices. If it takes electricity, we are interested! But more than that, we want to think about how these changes in how we connect help change ourselves and our ways of thinking and doing things. How does our experience with technology change the world and force us to change our interactions with the world? Here at Future4tech we hope to find out!

I personally plan on keeping myself out of this blog as much as possible. But for what its worth, my name is Jordan Marx. I am happily married, live in Oregon,and  have two Australian Shepherds named Koopa and Wookie.  I started this blog as an assignment for an E commerce class and recently graduated with an MBA from Marylhurst University. Any article that doesn’t have a link and is not attributed to anyone in particular is my writing, and what’s not my writing usually has a link of some sort identifying the ownership. Also, I have a source page where I feature the web sites where I find my content.

Thanks, and stay “Nerdy, smart and aware!”


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