Will Mobile Ubuntu Revolutionize the Technology Industry? Reply

Have you ever wanted a dual boot smartphone with multiple cores, able to boot from android when used as a handset, and able to function as a fully functional desktop when docked? If you visit this site, chances are this is the achievement of nerd Nirvana! This functionality, according to Canonical, the makers of popular Linux distro Ubuntu is coming to a handset near you.  Soon, Android smart phones will be able to dual boot from a docking station that is plugged into a monitor and keyboard

for use as a portable desktop. Rumor has it that phones are expected to ship with this dual boot capability by the end of the year. It is this website’s opinion this could truly revolutionize the information technology environment. Setting up an environment whereby every android phone owner is distributed a working copy of Linux, could challenge the omnipotence of the Apple Windows paradigm. This would give every information technology person, every business executive, and every student, a free working operating system with computer. All one would have to do is add the peripherals. In a sense, this almost sounds like unfair competition, almost worse than packaging a free web browser in with one’s operating system.





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