Meet the Nexus, now for $99 1

The Galaxy Nexus A $299.00 Android smartphone on sale on Amazon for $99.

The Galaxy Nexus is considered, and rightly so, the premier android flagship smartphone. Samsung/Google’s Nexus comes equipped with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system pre-installed, with none of that bloatware that weighs down other non nexus branded Android phones in the market. Also, in the smartphone world, big is in, and the Nexus certainly has that, sporting a 4.65 inch screen. As for hardware, the Nexus sports dual core processors with a gig of ram under the hood–I think this thing can handle angry birds….

And if you are into video, the camera shoots in 1080 p high definition.

But mostly, it’s one of the baddest handsets on the market right now, and Amazon is giving it away at $200 off the list price for a two year contract. Get em while they’re hot.


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